About Us

In the Tri-Lakes, we’re more than a spot on the map. We’re a community. A place where we care about each other. So, when the folks at Cox Medical Center Branson and the Taney County Health Department saw the results of the latest Community Health Needs Assessment they knew it was time to take action: there are children and families in our area who don’t know where to find their next meal; sometimes our meals aren’t healthy, leading to unhealthy habits; substance abuse and mental health issues are going untreated; and our families have difficulties accessing healthcare.

All of these things threaten our families, our economic stability as a community, and our future in the Tri-Lakes. But even more than that, it means our neighbors are hurting, and that just can’t go on.

There are many great organizations in our community who work everyday on these problems, but we found that we can do more when we pool our resources and work together. That’s how OWN it was born. The Ozarks Wellness Network is dedicated to promoting healthier and safer lifestyles, and committed to working together to get more done. It’s good for the community…and it’s just the right thing to do.